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the Aberdeen City Region is a leader in hydrogen technology development, strengthening its position as a leading energy city.

H2 Aberdeen is an initiative working to bring about a hydrogen economy in the Aberdeen City Region. It will help to reinforce the area's position as an energy city, now and in the future.

Hydrogen, as an energy storage medium, offers an opportunity to maximise the capacity of renewable energy. With the transferable oil and gas expertise in the North East of Scotland, as well as a capacity for renewable energy generation, there is an opportunity to further enhance economic competitiveness by being at the forefront of a hydrogen economy.

Hydrogen is an increasingly important medium with which to store renewable energy and can be used in transport, heating and power supply applications.

H2 Aberdeen aims to stimulate innovative hydrogen projects, advance the take-up of hydrogen technologies and position Aberdeen as a centre for excellence for hydrogen technology.

Delivery of the H2 Aberdeen vision will further enhance Aberdeen's reputation for energy innovation, and support Scotland's ambitions to become a world-leading destination for investment in Supporting Renewables and low carbon energy.

The H2 Aberdeen initiative has to date delivered:
• a hydrogen strategy outlining the key actions required by the City Region over the next 10 years;
• a state-of-the-art hydrogen production and bus refuelling station;
• 10 hydrogen fuel cell buses, the Europe's largest fleet;
• the Hydrogen Transport Economy (HyTrEc) (Hydrogen Transport Economy for the North Sea Region) which includes the trial of fleet vehicles - hydrogen hybrid vans and plug in range extended vans.
• And continuous further development of the supply chain in the Aberdeen City Region, and Scotland.

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