The University of Aberdeen's Oceanlab


The University of Aberdeen's Oceanlab is a field research station of the Institute of Biological & Environmental Sciences and the School of Biological Sciences, located in the village of Newburgh, in the heart of Energetica.

Staff and students based at Oceanlab undertake a wide range of research from coastal to deep-sea science and are heavily involved in international projects are research expeditions to the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Pacific Ocean as well as local work in the North Sea and the Ythan Estuary at Newburgh.

The Oceanlab Business Unit links customer contracts and test requirements to the expertise and facilities, bringing onshore proving to off shore technology. Industry aware and with a strong customer focus the Unit has undertaken Certificated Testing, Laboratory, and Fieldwork contracts for many of the world's leading manufacturers, energy providers and consultancy companies.

The first Oceanlab building contains engineering laboratories and hangar space for the design and construction of underwater technology and a suite of environmental commercial testing facilities operated by the Oceanlab Business Unit.

Oceanlab 2, opened in 2009, houses up to 35 persons and specialised laboratories to accommodate examination and sorting of preserved biological specimens, and molecular and biogeochemical analyses.

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